The New Crufavers


As I’m sure you’ve noticed we try to keep the blog here free from text posts in order to keep the pages running smoothly. However this will need speaking direct to you all.


Yep, Sevireth has started getting the attention they deserve, opening up to commissions and therefore getting less and less free time to work on the crufavers.

Sev has been invaluable in the last 2 years, turning the ramblings of a madman into a cohesive image many times over and I shall always be thankful for that. Sev has said they’ll be doing at least a few more updates though they will be slowing down.

This means a Talent search. If you are an artist, willing to work with us to help bring the cast of the crufavers to tumblr, please send in an ask or a submission.

Please start any submission with the word “(artist)” as is it there in brackets to help keep them from getting lost in the asks.

Oh yes! and please reblog these if you think you might know anyone interested.